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SAS Full course Training includes ✓ SAS Base ✓SAS Advance ✓SAS certification Training ✓SAS Clinical ✓SAS Financial ✓Project ✓CDISC ✓STDM ✓TLF Training ✓Resume ✓Mock Interview ✓Job Assistance

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5 Days

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1 Hour

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Course Duration

2 months, 3 weeks

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Watch our Sample classes for SAS Beginners?

Enroll for SAS  Instructor-led training

Instructor -led training means, Trainer / Instructor will teach the entire course through online . In this student will have live sessions with trainer and asking question clear their doubts. Some times Student stuck during SAS program practice,  instructor can take lead and fix the issue and explain the issues to student.

How to Enroll in this course?

STEP - 1: Register Below Please register for a free demo session by filling in your details in the below form and choose a suitable time to take the demo session.


01feb8:00 am9:00 amSAS Demo by NaiduSAS Full Course8:00 am - 9:00 am View in my time

02feb7:00 am8:00 amSAS Free Live Demo by NaiduBase and Advanced SAS7:00 am - 8:00 am View in my time

07feb7:00 am8:00 amSAS Free Live Demo by NaiduBase and Advanced SAS7:00 am - 8:00 am View in my time

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Enroll  for instructor led training  free demo

    STEP - 2: The confirmation e-mail After step-1 a confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email immediately there you can get all course Fees and other details. STEP - 3: A Call from the Training Co-Ordinator to you You will receive a  Mobile call / Whatsapp call from our training coordinator to explain the course details and any other questions from your end will be answered. If your question is completely technical your call will be forwarded to SAS Trainer from Great online Training, you can ask career-related questions before you choose a career in SAS. STEP - 4: SAS Free Demo After completion of step-3, you will be invited to SAS live free Demo by Great Online Training. You will receive a Mail and a WhatsApp message to your registered mobile number. You can attend 3 to 4 classes for free without any payment and Once you decide to continue the training, you can go to the next step. STEP - 5: Fee Payment After step-4, we will request you to do the fee payment through Pay Pal / Xoom /  Net banking / western union/ UPI / DEBIT Card / CREDIT Card Payment. On the same day, you will receive the material, software, and daily classes recording video folder access. A WhatsApp Group will be created for all batchmates and then regularly attend the live class with the same meeting link every day. Now you are Done.

    Enroll for SAS  Self-paced course

    Self-paced learning means you can learn in your own time and schedule. students will get access for class recording sessions by the trainer as videos. Here student will have limited access with Trainer. Its purely web based self explanatory training. we provide Material, tasks and real time data as soft copies to the course enrolled students.


    • USD: $135
    • GBP: £96
    • CAD: $167
    • SGD: $182
    • EUR: €119
    STEP 1: To take this course you have to click on image of the course. STEP 2: It will ask you to take the course. STEP 3: once you click on take the course you will land on the payment page do the payment. STEP 4: If you are done with fee payment you will receive mail as you successfully enrolled to course. STEP 5: Now you can start the course and see all the material and videos as soft copies. STEP 6: Feel free to directly call us any time when you have Technical issues other quires related to the training before/after enrolling the course. STEP 7: That's all!! Happy Learning!! Great Online Training wishing you  Happy Learning and a fruitful career.

    Why you choose SAS?

    SAS is a statistical analysis software suite for advanced analytics, data management, and clinical trial data analysis. You can use SAS software through both a graphical interface and the SAS programming language for various data analysis. Clinical SAS programmers have a lot of demand in the industry. In the clinical industry whenever any drug is released into the market that drug needs to get approval from FDA or equivalent regulatory bodies. To get approval clinical trial data analysis needed. Only SAS programmers can do clinical trial data analysis.

    SAS Job Scope

    There is a huge scope of SAS for a fresher and experienced persons. The bank's Industry is heavily using SAS in Insurance & other Financial Services companies like HSBC, Citi, JP Morgan, & Wells Fargo. In the Pharma industry companies like Novartis, Abbot, GSK and Pfizer, etc.. are well-known SAS using organizations. SAS will create 1 million new jobs in 2020-2021.

    How much SAS Programmer can earn per Year?

    The below chart will explain the SAS programmer salary range from less than 1 year to 10+ years as of now with the present date.


    SAS programmer salry


    Who is eligible to do this Course?

    Any Post Graduate or Graduate Degree(B.Tech, MCA, M.Sc, M.S), Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory, Nursing, Biochemistry Microbiology, Biotechnology, MD, MBBS, BHMS, BAMS, B.com, B.Sc persons can go for this training.

    Are you from Non-Programming background?

    Don't worry. The training is from very basic level and people from non-programming backgrounds can easily learn SAS and get jobs in SAS. We have seen many students placed in different MNCs on SAS jobs in the past.

    After this course what you will Learn?

    You will master on the following SAS Products SAS BASE / SAS ADVANCE / SAS SQL /SAS MACRO/ SAS STATS/ SAS GRPH/ SAS ODS/ SAS Financial/ SAS Clinical/ Project/ CDISC/ STDM/ ADAM/ TLFs.

    SAS Jobs, you can apply for after the Course!


    How I will get certification?

    You will write a globally recognized certification exam from SAS.com. Once this is cleared you will be considered as SAS certified programmer. we give 100% guarantee you will clear the exam with a great percentage.

    Famous SAS Job offering Organizations on the Globe


    The following are the 10 reasons to get a SAS certification.

    1. SAS skills are in high demand
    2. Once you did the Certification Lifetime Validity
    3. Improve your employment opportunities
    4. Do you want to climb the career ladder?
    5. Demonstrate your true SAS skills and understanding
    6. Digital bragging rights
    7. Inconvenienced by the hassle of getting to a Pearson VUE location?
    8. Receive ongoing support and be a part of a community
    9. Get started with free certification prep materials
    10. Allow employers to easily discover you

    Few Video testimonial from Our Students

    Watch some SAS Certification concepts explanation

    Sample Project on (CDISC, SDTM & ADAM) Classes

    Profile Photo
    Naidu SAS Trainer

    About Instructor

    Over 10 + years of programming experience in developing and implementing various applications for the pharmaceutical, Banking, Financial, clinical and health industries. Experience includes creation of analysis datasets, generating TLGs with statistical summary of clinical trials data, support for manuscript and publication work, data and report validation. Business intelligence Data Management with emphasis on Business Requirements Analysis, Application Design, Development, testing, implementation and maintenance of client/server Data Warehouse and Data Mart systems in the Financial, Banking, Media, Health Insurance, Retail, Telecom, and Pharmaceutical industries.
    Technical Skills Expertise in SAS with focus on SAS/BASE, SAS/MACROS, SAS/CDISC, SAS/STAT, SAS/ACCESS, SAS/CONNECT, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/ODS, SAS/SQL, SAS/STUDIO, SAS ENTERPRISE GUIDE. Certifications SAS Certified Associate: Programming Fundamentals Using SAS 9.4 SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer Using SAS 9 SAS Certified Specialist: Base Programming Using SAS 9.4 SAS Certified Professional: Advanced Programming Using SAS 9.4
    Working Organizations  Cognizant Technology solutions (CTS) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) IQVIA Novartis Novo Nordisk

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    This Course Features

    Unlimited training Attempts

    Pay once and get life-time training access

    Daily Class Recordings

    Get life-time access for daily class recordings along with training

    24/7 support

    Support available for 24/7

    Resume and Interview Preparation

    Help in resume and interview preparation along with training

    Course Curriculum

        • How To Write A Simple Program Using SAS 01:00:00
        • Introduction To SAS 01:00:00
        • Different Windows In SAS 01:00:00
        • Different Windows In SAS FREE 01:00:00
        • Fundamentals Of SAS 01:00:00
        • How To Read Date Values In SAS 01:00:00
        • Formats And Informats in sas 01:00:00
        • Global Options In SAS 01:00:00
        • Proc Formate In SAS 01:00:00
        • Data Set Options In SAS 01:00:00
        • How To Import And Export Excel Files In SAS 01:00:00
        • How To Import And Export Access, Csv, Tab And Text In SAS 01:00:00
        • Different Functions In SAS 01:00:00
        • Different Functions In SAS 01:00:00
        • Arithmetic Functions In SAS 01:00:00
        • Special Functions In SAS 01:00:00
        • Date And Time Functions In SAS 01:00:00
        • Proc Means In SAS 2 months
        • Proc Frequency In SAS 01:00:00
        • Proc Report In SAS 01:00:00
        • Proc Report In SAS 01:00:00
        • Proc Tabulate In SAS 01:00:00
        • Graphs In SAS 01:00:00
        • Examples Of Graphs In SAS 01:00:00
        • Proc Print And Proc Sort In SAS 01:00:00
        • Merging In SAS 01:00:00
        • Conditional Statements And Operators In SAS 01:00:00
        • Loops Concept In SAS 01:00:00
        • Proc Transpose In SAS 01:00:00
        • Arrays Concept In SAS 01:00:00
        • Retain Concept In SAS 01:00:00
        • Different Input Methods In SAS 01:00:00
        • Infile Concept In SAS 01:00:00
        • Sql Concept In SAS 01:00:00
        • Operators And Appending In SAS Sql 01:00:00
        • Macros – 1 In SAS 01:00:00
        • Macros – 2 In SAS 01:00:00
        • Introduction To Clinical SAS 01:00:00
        • Demo by Shiva 24 hours
        • Assignment to Analysis Populations 24 hours
        • Study Visits 24 hours
        • Withdrawals from the Study 24 hours
        • Abnormal Biochemistry Values 24 hours
        • Vital Signs 24 hours
        • Serious Adverse Events 24 hours
        • 14.1.1 Subject Assignment to Analysis Populations 24 hours
        • 14.1.4 Subject Disposition by Treatment (Safety Population) 24 hours
        • 14.1.6 Subject Demographics – Age (Safety Population) 24 hours
        • 14.1.8 Subject Demographics (Safety Population) 24 hours
        • 14.1.11 Subject Demographics -Sex and Race (Safety Population) 24 hours
        • 14.1.11 Subject Demographics -Sex and Race (Safety Population) 24 hours
        • 14.1.14 Treatment Emergent Adverse Events by Treatment, System Organ Class and Preferred Term (Safety Population) 24 hours
        • 14.1.16 Summary of Changes in Vital Signs from Baseline to Final Visit (Safety Population) 24 hours
        • 14.1.18 Shift Table from Baseline to End of period (Safety Population) 24 hours
        • 14.1.20 Medical History by Treatment, System Organ Class and Preferred Term (Safety Population) 24 hours
        • 14.1.22 Best overall response (Safety Population) 24 hours
        • 14.1.24 Survival Estimates (Safety Population) 24 hours
        • 16.1.1 Creatinine (umol/L) Level by Age Range (Safety Population) 24 hours
        • 16.2.1 Distribution of Blood Pressure (safety Population) 24 hours
        • Table 16.1.3 Distribution of Maximum Liver Function Test Values by Treatment (safety population) AND Kaplan-Meier Survival Plot (enrolled population) 24 hours
        • ADAM OVERVIEW 24 hours
        • ADSL PART-03 24 hours
        • ADSL PART 04 24 hours
        • ADSL FINAL PART & ADDV 24 hours
        • ADAE 24 hours
        • ADAE 24 hours
        • ADCM 24 hours
        • ADMH 24 hours
        • ADVS 24 hours
        • ADVS 24 hours
        • ADRS 24 hours
        • ADRS 24 hours
        • ADTTE 24 hours
        • SDTM OVERVIEW & TRAIL DOMAINS 24 hours
        • DM 24 hours
        • DM 24 hours
        • DM 24 hours
        • AE 24 hours
        • AE 24 hours
        • MH 24 hours
        • CM & SUPP CM 24 hours
        • TU 24 hours
        • TR 24 hours
        • Define.Xml ,Pinnacle 21 ,Validation Of Tfl 24 hours
        • Material Related Interview Questions, Iss Ise Overview, Population Flags, Resumes &Tips 24 hours
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