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Python Full course Training includes ✓ Python Base ✓Python Advance ✓Python certification Training ✓✓Resume ✓Mock Interview ✓Job Assistance

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What is Python?

Python is a widely considered programming language that runs on an interpreter system. This language has a simple syntax like the English language and is similar to Perl, C, and Java programming languages. Those who have C, and Java knowledge can easily learn Python. This is a general-purpose language so we can use this to develop a wide variety of programs and is not specialized for particular purposes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHOmBV4js_E

Enroll for Python  Instructor-led training

Instructor-led training means, Trainer / Instructor will teach the entire course through online . In this students will have live sessions with the trainer and ask questions clear their doubts. Sometimes students stuck during Python program practice, the instructor can take lead and fix the issue and explain the issues to the student.

How to Enroll in this course?

STEP - 1: Register Below Please register for a free demo session by filling in your details in the below form and choosing a suitable time to take the demo session.


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Enroll  for instructor led training  free demo

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STEP - 2: The confirmation e-mail After step-1 a confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email immediately there you can get all course Fees and other details. STEP - 3: A Call from the Training Co-Ordinator to you You will receive a  Mobile call / Whatsapp call from our training coordinator to explain the course details and any other questions from your end will be answered. If your question is completely technical your call will be forwarded to Python Trainer from Great online Training, you can ask career-related questions before you choose a career in Python. STEP - 4: SAS Free Demo After completion of step-3, you will be invited to Python live free Demo by Great Online Training. You will receive a Mail and a WhatsApp message to your registered mobile number. You can attend 3 to 4 classes for free without any payment and Once you decide to continue the training, you can go to the next step. STEP - 5: Fee Payment After step-4, we will request you to do the fee payment through Pay Pal / Xoom /  Net banking / western union/ UPI / DEBIT Card / CREDIT Card Payment. On the same day, you will receive the material, software, and daily classes recording video folder access. A WhatsApp Group will be created for all batchmates and then regularly attend the live class with the same meeting link every day. Now you are Done.

Where We Use Python:

These days PYTHON is becoming a more popular programming language and is used in every sector for machine learning, building websites, web scraping, writing algorithms and data structures. It can be used by developers and non-developers also like accountants, scientists for a variety of everyday tasks to organize finances. It is designed to be used in a wide range of applications for data science and visualization, automation, AI, software and web development. Python is mainly used in the healthcare sector through data science. In this sector python is used to create machine learning algorithms in data science which will help in medical diagnostics, hospital operations, genomic studies, drug discovery and predictive prognosis. Python mainly used in:
  • Web development
  • Data analysis and machine learning
  • Automation or scripting
  • Software testing and prototyping
  • Everyday tasks

Job Scope for Python:

Python is one of the most popular and in demand programming languages in 2022.  This is the best language for Data scientists to use in various data science projects and applications. This language gives the best functionalities which helps to deal with mathematics, statistics and scientific function.

Earnings of Python Programmer:

In 2022 the average salary of a Python developer is 4.4 lakhs per annum. For freshers the salary is 2.25 lakhs per annum and for experienced developers they will get up to 15 lakhs per annum. The salary level depends on their skills, experience and job location.



The above chart shows the python developer salaries from fresher to experienced employee.

Who is Eligible to Learn This Course?

There is no particular eligibility to this course any graduate or post graduate can do this course with any degree background. But candidates must complete their 12th standard from a recognised board.

Can Non-Programming Students Learn This?

If you are from a non-programming study background, don’t worry about learning Python. Python is the perfect option for you as it is on the top of the programming languages in 2022 and it is easy to learn.  If you have knowledge of any other programming language then python will give you more support.  Our Python online training sessions start from a very basic level so that non programming students also can learn easily.

After This Course What will you learn?

After completion of our course you have to do a master on web development frameworks, machine learning, data science to start your career.

Python Jobs, you can apply after the course:

  • Software Engineer
  • Python Developer
  • Research Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Software Developer

How I will Get Certification:

To get Python certification you have to clear the PCAP entrance exam which is conducted by the python programming associates.  Once you clear this exam you will be known as a Python programmer. We will give you 100% guarantee that you will clear this exam with the best percentage.

Popular Python Job Offering organizations In worldwide:

Top IT Companies Healthcare Sector Companies
Tcs WRI India
Infosys Algoshack
Awign Innovacer
Luxoft Incedo
ACL Digital Newpage Digital
  Triassisc solutions

This Course Features

Unlimited training Attempts

Pay once and get life-time training access

Daily Class Recordings

Get life-time access for daily class recordings along with training

24/7 support

Support available for 24/7

Resume and Interview Preparation

Help in resume and interview preparation along with training

Course Curriculum

    • Python Demo Session Unlimited
    • Introduction, scope, Features of Python Unlimited
    • Installation of software and Language basics Unlimited
    • Print function and sample Programs Unlimited
    • Input function and sample Programs Unlimited
    • Variables and Identifiers- Sample Programs Unlimited
    • Basic data types: int, float, double, string, and Boolean- Sample Programs Unlimited
    • Basic data types: int, float, double, string, and Boolean- Sample Programs Unlimited
    • Operator: Arithmetic operator, Logical operator, Relational operators- Sample Programs Unlimited
    • Assignment operators, Identity operators,Membership operators- Sample Programs Unlimited
    • Implementation of operators with programs. Unlimited
    • Advance datatypes: List and operations on Lists -Programs Unlimited
    • Advance datatypes: Tuple, String- Sample Programs Unlimited
    • Advance datatypes: Dictionary, and sets– Sample Programs Unlimited
    • Conditional statements: decision control statements-if, else – Sample programs Unlimited
    • elif, nested if statements -Sample programs Unlimited
    • Looping statements (for, while)- Sample programs Unlimited
    • Jump control statements: Continue, break and pass. Unlimited
    • Functions: Python function declaration and function calling Unlimited
    • Functions- Sample programs Unlimited
    • Built-in , User Defined functions Unlimited
    • Functions with Arguments Unlimited
    • Functions with Arguments-Sample programs Unlimited
    • Modules basics- Sample programs Unlimited
    • Math module, Os module Unlimited
    • Packages- Sample Programs Unlimited
    • Exception Handling Unlimited
    • Exception Handling-Programs Unlimited
    • Lambda functions Unlimited
    • File I/O Unlimited
    • File Operations- Sample programs Unlimited
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