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Clinical Data Management (CDM) Training includes ✓ Oracle Clinical Training ✓ Medidata rave Training ✓ EDC ✓ RDC✓Pharmacovigilance Project ✓Argus Software

Clinical Data Management (CDM) and Pharmacovigilance (PV) are two critical areas in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries that deal with the management of data and monitoring of drug safety, respectively. An introduction to training in these areas by Great Online Training would typically include the following components

Course Name CDM & PV Training course
Duration 2 Months & 1:30 Hours/Day
Training Days Monday to Friday
Live Class Recordings Access Provided
Materials Life Time Access
Software Life Time Access
Resume Preparation Included In The Course
Interview Preparation Q&A Will Be Provided

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Pharmacovigilance (PV) Online Training by Great Online Training

Pharmacovigilance (PV) training offered by Great Online Training would focus on the science and activities related to detecting, assessing, understanding, and preventing adverse effects or any other drug-related problems. This specialized training is crucial for professionals involved in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. The key components of a typical pharmacovigilance training program by Great Online Training might include:

  1. Introduction to Pharmacovigilance: This would cover the basics of PV, its history, importance, and the key role it plays in public health.
  2. Regulatory Framework: In-depth understanding of the global regulatory landscape, including guidelines from organizations like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), EMA (European Medicines Agency), and WHO (World Health Organization).
  3. Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs): Training on how to identify, classify, and report ADRs. This would also include understanding the difference between various types of drug-related problems such as side effects, drug interactions, and contraindications.
  4. Data Management and Reporting: Instruction on how to collect, manage, and analyze safety data. This includes training on various pharmacovigilance databases and reporting systems.
  5. Risk Assessment and Management: Strategies for assessing the risk associated with pharmaceutical products and methods to mitigate these risks.
  6. Clinical Trial Safety Monitoring: Understanding the role of PV in clinical trials, including the monitoring of safety during different phases of drug development.
  7. Pharmacovigilance and Public Health: Exploring the impact of pharmacovigilance activities on public health and healthcare policies.
  8. Case Studies and Real-World Scenarios: Practical sessions involving case studies to help understand the real-world application of pharmacovigilance principles and practices.
  9. Career Guidance: For those looking to start or advance their career in pharmacovigilance, the training might include sessions on career paths, job opportunities, and necessary skills in the industry.

Great Online Training would likely offer this program in a user-friendly, online format, providing flexibility and accessibility to participants. The program would be suitable for healthcare professionals, clinical research personnel, pharmaceutical company employees, and anyone interested in the field of drug safety and pharmacovigilance.

Clinical Data Management Training by Great Online Training

Welcome to the Clinical Data Management Training program, brought to you by Great Online Training, a leader in online professional education. This course is expertly designed for individuals seeking a comprehensive understanding of the vital role of data management in clinical research.

This training program aims to provide a thorough grounding in all aspects of clinical data management (CDM), an essential component in the successful conduct of clinical trials. Our course is tailored for healthcare professionals, data managers, and anyone aspiring to enter the field of clinical research.

Key Features of the Program:

  • Foundational Knowledge: Gain an in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of clinical data management, including data collection, processing, and quality assurance.
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Learn through a curriculum that reflects the latest industry standards and practices, ensuring you're up-to-date with current trends and requirements in clinical data management.
  • Experienced Instructors: Be guided by instructors who are seasoned professionals in the field, providing you with valuable insights and real-world perspectives.
  • Practical Application: Engage in hands-on exercises and case studies that simulate the challenges faced in the management of clinical trial data.
  • Flexible Online Learning: Benefit from the convenience and flexibility of online learning, allowing you to balance your studies with your professional and personal commitments.

This training is perfect for those who wish to build a solid foundation in clinical data management, enhance their current skills, or pivot into a career in this exciting and growing field. Upon completing this program, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute effectively to clinical research teams and excel in your professional endeavors.

Join us at Great Online Training for your journey into the world of Clinical Data Management. Enroll now and take the first step towards mastering the complexities of managing clinical trial data!

Why Choose Great Online Training ?

At Great Online Training Institute, we understand the importance of empowering students with the right skills and knowledge to excel in their careers. Our SAS course has been designed to provide you with comprehensive training, preparing you for the challenges and opportunities in the world of data analytics. Here's why choosing Great Online Training Institute for your SAS course is the best decision you can make:

  1. Expert Faculty: Our team of experienced and certified SAS instructors have years of industry experience, ensuring that you receive the highest quality training based on real-world scenarios. Our instructors are committed to helping you succeed and are always available to address your questions and concerns.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our SAS course covers all the essential topics, from SAS programming basics to advanced statistical techniques and data visualization. The curriculum is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced professionals, providing a strong foundation and equipping you with the necessary skills to excel in your career.
  3. Hands-on Training: At Great Online Training Institute, we believe that practical experience is key to mastering any subject. Our SAS course includes numerous hands-on exercises and projects, allowing you to apply the concepts you've learned in real-world situations.
  4. Flexible Learning Options: We understand that our students have diverse needs and schedules. That's why we offer flexible learning options, including self-paced online courses, live instructor-led classes, and weekend batches, allowing you to choose the learning format that works best for you.
  5. Industry-Recognized Certification: Upon successful completion of our SAS course, you will receive an industry-recognized certification that demonstrates your expertise in SAS programming and data analytics. This certification will help you stand out in the job market and boost your career prospects.
  6. Career Support and Guidance: Our dedicated career support team will guide you throughout your learning journey and beyond. From resume building to interview preparation and job placement assistance, we are committed to helping you achieve your career goals.
  7. Access to Learning Resources: As a student of Great Online Training Institute, you will have lifetime access to our comprehensive library of learning resources, including course materials, video lectures, and quizzes, ensuring that you can continue to hone your skills even after completing the course.
  8. Interactive Learning Environment: Our online learning platform fosters engagement and collaboration, allowing you to interact with your instructors and fellow students in real-time. This interactive learning environment ensures that you stay motivated and engaged throughout your SAS course.

Choose Great Online Training Institute for your SAS course and embark on a successful career in data analytics. Enroll today and unlock your potential as a skilled SAS professional!

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