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What are the different options in proc freq?

In SAS, PROC FREQ is a procedure that can be used to calculate frequency tables and other statistics for categorical variables. The following are some of the common options available in PROC FREQ:

1. TABLES: Specifies the variables for which frequency tables are to be calculated. You can list multiple variables separated by a space.


tables variable1 variable2 …;

2. WEIGHT: Specifies a weight variable, which is used to weight the data.


weight weight_variable;

3. ORDER: Specifies the order in which the categories are displayed in the frequency table. You can specify one of the following options: FREQ (ascending order of frequency), NOFREQ (descending order of frequency), or FORMATTED (as they appear in the data).


order = freq | nofreq | formatted;

4. MISSING: Specifies how to handle missing values. You can specify one of the following options: EXCLUDE (exclude missing values), INCLUDE (include missing values), or MISSING (treat missing values as a separate category).


missing = exclude | include | missing;

5. NOPRINT: Suppresses the output of the frequency table. This option is often used when the only desired output is a data set containing the frequency counts.

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