How to Download & Install Hadoop

Download – 1

Oracle Virtual Box(116MB)


Download – 2

GOT Hadoop Applince(4.5GB)




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Installation Steps

Download Oracle VM Virtual Box

For windows user : VirtualBox-5.1.2-108956-Windows.exe

For MAC users : VirtualBox-5.1.2-108956-MAC OSX.dmg

and Great Online Training Hadoop appliance from the buttons above

1.Right click on “VirtualBox-5.1.2-108956-Windows.exe” and click on Run as Administrator


If you are a MAC(Apple OS) user then double click on “”

2. Click on Next until you find finish button and then click on Finish

Now Oracle VM Virtual box is installed on your machine

1.Open Oracle VM Virtual Box and then click “File –> Import Appliance” in the menu

2. Browse the Hadoop Appliance downloaded from Great Online Training in the first step

3. Go with all defaults and then Finish

Now Hadoop Virtual Machine is configured in Virtual Box

1.Click on the Configured VM in Oracle VM Virtual Box and then click on the start button in the menu to start the machine

2. After the Machine get started, go to the Terminal and check whether Hadoop installed in it or not

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