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Frequently Asked Questions

You no need to have any programming background. We will start teach from basics to pro level. Most of our students are from non-programming background only. You will get more details once you join our demo session.

Job support means once you get a job and if you need any support we will help you. If you enrolled for our course you no need to look for the job support. you can do yourself. Still if you need help we will do.

We will not give you any placements we give only provide the training

Yes we do provide reference from emails from Top multinational companies to say that you already worked there.

100% guarantee that you will be clear your interview as 4 to 5 years experienced SAS Programmer

No, we don’t provide a proxy for the interview. Our students do not require any proxy to clear their interview.

Now a days we can apply for jobs as fresher only because of this covid-19 lot of job opportunities for freshers and logoff openings are there.

We do have some consultancy tie-up based on it you can keep some experience. we will, help you get your experience. There are some terms and conditions you need to follow.

If you’re interested to work in India certification is not mandatory. If you apply for a job in the US or any other country certificate is mandatory it is proof that how you belongs to this SAS Job.

The timing slots will be explained in the demo session, so mostly they will be fixed.

As we have 4 certifications in SAS programming. We suggest go for only base programming specialist exam is more than enough. You no need to have other certifications.

As per the present scenario, the certification exam is 180 US Dollars in the US and that is going to be 14000 Indian rupees in India.

Yes we will provide a software to you can install it on your computer it is of 13 GB file size. We give this SAS software once we done with the payment.

SAS software for practice
daily class recordings
Soft copies of books and certification exam preparation material

We will allow you to attend free classes for 2 to 3 days. After that, you have to go for the payment.

Software installation is easy you can do it yourself. There is an installation guideline video will share with you. once you are done with the payment you can just do it yourself after watching the video.

You do no need to worry if you miss the class because we have a recorded session every day so we will share it with you can use that to watch it again in the same class. If you have any questions you can ask the next day.

Great online training provides an opportunity for any student discontinues due to some personal reasons you can reappear to the course without any fee in the One year of span.

Each and every day in our training we provide a task for you to do it. You have to finish the task before coming to the next day’s class.

Yes, it is a 100% interactive session. you can interrupt anytime when you have a question.

Definitely, we will allow you to share your screen. we will help you to solve the issue where you have in your program.

Payment details will be sent immediately after the demonstration so once you are decided you can go for the payment will release all materials.

For the student backup access you will have it a for up to 1 or 2 days only before payment. Once you do the payment it will be there for your lifetime.

the next demo class details will share with you in the mail and as well as automatic call/ WhatsApp.

We will share payment details in a mail in that it’s clearly written the bank address and the bank details. you can also use your Gpay / Phonepay. If you are from Abroad you can use PayPal. Else you can ask only one from India to transfer the amount.

If the total training fee is a single amount because we are providing software material in advance.

Yes, you can use a credit card with the little extra amount that will be charged.

Once you are done with the payment you will get the material for SAS classes. SAS software for the installation and daily class recording folder access.

There is no discount. That training remains unchanged from the past 10 years.

The fee is included only for the training. not for the certification exam, you have to pay from your pocket again to the SAS website.

We suggest changing your existing experience to SAS experience somehow so that you can apply as an experienced programmer job instead of a fresher.

In INDIA 3-5 lacs PA for fresher.
IN USA 60K to 90K USD PA

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