Here the certification are of 2 types.

1. we provide the certificate stating that you have completed the course at Great Online Training.

Once done with your course you will receive an immediate pass/fail score upon completion of our mock exam attempt at Great Online Training. The score report will display the percentage of items in each section that you answered correctly for your exam. Please note: These section scores are calculated on a per section basis and cannot be used in determining your total score. They are provided to you for descriptive purposes only. Within Certification Records Management and validated system, your certificate can be accessed on “Printable Documents.” To print your certificate, your pop-up blocker should be disabled before clicking the “Print Now” button. Click on “Print Now” and your certificate will open in a new window where you can download and/or print.

Public Registry of Certified Professionals for all Great Online Training Courses

A Public Registry of Great online Training Certified Professionals is maintained within the Great Online Training Certification Records Management system. Note: This is only Proof that you have taken the course.

2.If you want get the golabally recognized certificate you must have to write the exam by clickthis link.


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