About The Course

Course Introduction.

Data Science is an important field to analyze, interpret, and predict outcomes from data. After this course student can be able to analyze data using various data science techniques in any industry they work at. Ex: – Social media, Healthcare Fraud analytics, Sports analytics etc.

How this course used by IT industry?

Data science employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the broad areas of mathematics, statistics, operations research,information science, and computer science, including signal processing, probability models, machine learning, statistical learning, data mining, database, data engineering, pattern recognition and learning, visualization, predictive analytics, uncertainty modeling, data warehousing, data compression, computer programming, artificial intelligence, and high performance computing. Methods that scale to big data are of particular interest in data science, although the discipline is not generally considered to be restricted to such big data, and big data solutions are often focused on organizing and preprocessing the data instead of analysis. The development of machine learning has enhanced the growth and importance of data science. Data science affects academic and applied research in many domains, including machine translation, speech recognition, robotics,search engines, digital economy, but also the biological sciences, medical informatics, health care, social sciences and thehumanities. It heavily influences economics, business and finance. From the business perspective, data science is an integral part of competitive intelligence, a newly emerging field that encompasses a number of activities, such as data mining and data analysis. Data scientist[edit]

How are the job opportunities (In India and USA)?

It is one of the most sought career path as it having a cross industry trend. Each and every field across the world be it Politics or Sports are thriving for Data scientists to help analyze their data.

Salary range for the course?

A Data Scientist, IT earns an average salary of Rs 607,193 per year. Experience strongly influences income for this job. The highest paying skills associated with this job are Data Mining / Data Warehouse, Python, Machine Learning, Big DataAnalytics, and Statistical Analysis.

Prerequisites to this course?

You need to have some basic understanding of Math’s and have good problem solving skills.

How to do certification?

About the Data Science Certification Program Is this program right for me? The data science certification program is for those who want to develop the advanced knowledge and skills necessary to work as a data scientist. It is best suited for those with a strong background in applied mathematics. A master’s degree or higher in a quantitative or technical field is recommended, but not required. Prerequisites To enroll in the data science certification program, you need at least six months of programming experience in SAS or another programming language. We also recommend that you first complete the SAS Programming 1: Essentials and Statistics 1: ANOVA, Regression and Logistic Regression courses, which are available as instructor-led or free online e-learning courses. In addition, you might find the SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques and Predictive Modeling Using Logistic Regression courses helpful.

Who can learn this?

 Anyone, who has interest in analyzing data and has good logical thinking, can go for this course.

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